Guides and Articles

How can your company best achieve GDPR compliance? How do you have to implement the requirements of data protection law in practice? What is the relationship between GDPR and national law? Our free data protection guides give you concrete and practical answers!

Upcoming CJEU rulings on data protection matters

Recently, a number of important questions regarding the GDPR have been referred to the CJEU. We will give you an overview on the proceedings and their relevance for data protection practice.

Vulnerability with Log4Shell: What you need to do now

Critical vulnerability in widespread Java logging library Log4j provides potential gateway for widespread cyberattacks. How to check whether your systems are affected and take further action.

How to make your privacy notice user friendly

Data protection notices are legal texts that are often difficult to understand. But the GDPR requires easy access to comprehensible information. Two tips in particular will help you!

GDPR-compliant use of pseudonymisation

Pseudonymisation can help your company comply with the requirements of the GDPR and contribute to the effective protection of data subjects’ rights. How should personal data be pseudonymised and what risks remain?

The legality of processing employee vaccination data

To ensure workplace safety, employers are increasingly seeking to know the Covid-19 vaccination status of their employees. We explain whether it is permissible to process employee vaccination data and if so, under which circumstances.

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