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What are your biggest challenges when implementing AI in your company?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in companies promises huge benefits, but also entails considerable legal risks.

The possibilities artificial intelligence offers in assisting companies to work more efficiently or even develop completely new business models seem immeasurable. Those who fail to act quickly are at risk of being forced out of the market by competitors.

However, because the technological development of AI is much faster than legislators and case law, many aspects of artificial intelligence are still unregulated. This makes the responsible use of AI and a forward-looking organisation of AI compliance within the company all the more important.

Data protection, information security, ethical principles and compliance with neighbouring areas of law must be taken into account in order to fulfil the legal framework conditions. Companies are faced with the challenge of not only mastering technological advances, but also developing a comprehensive legal strategy in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by AI while minimising risks.

How can our lawyers support you in the use of AI?

You benefit from precise and flexible support to exploit the advantages of artificial intelligence while minimising legal risks.

Amidst the complex requirements of the upcoming European AI Act and national requirements from authorities, sound legal advice is crucial to guide your organisation safely through this regulatory framework. Our experienced team of lawyers understand the nuances of the AI regulation and are on hand to ensure your organisation meets the stringent compliance requirements.

We offer customised consulting for developers and providers of AI systems, as well as for companies that want to use artificial intelligence. From precise risk assessment to the development and implementation of compliance strategies, we support you in successfully overcoming the challenges of using AI.

Our experts are there for you wherever additional expertise is required in your company – be it project-related or long-term. Together, we will find legally compliant solutions for all challenges in the context of your AI applications.

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What advice do we offer?

At activeMind, we advise you to ensure that your AI innovations and tools comply with legal requirements and industry-specific standards, particularly with regard to the AI Act and other relevant legal acts. Our expertise spans across data compliance to help you successfully implement and comply with these regulations.

An internal AI policy creates a secure environment for the innovative use of AI technologies within the company.

Our law firm offers practical support in the development and implementation of customised AI guidelines for your company. Our expertise ranges from the creation of ethical guidelines to concrete instructions for employees. We go beyond the legal and consider the specific requirements of your organisation to develop policies that are not only legally compliant, but also practical and future-oriented.

The implementation of AI systems in business processes requires careful consideration from both a technical and legal perspective. Whether it’s the introduction of a chatbot on your website or the comprehensive integration of automated decision-making processes in the application process – our law firm is on hand to provide you with expert advice.

Our law firm advises developers and users precisely on the challenging issues of copyright law when using AI systems. We clarify the conditions under which content, information or data can be used for the training of AI tools. We also have legal expertise in the copyright protection of AI-generated content and provide support with precise contractual policies. We provide professional and comprehensive answers to questions regarding the ownership of AI-generated content and liability for copyright infringements.

In the world of data, creating a clear legal framework is crucial. Our law firm understands the challenges companies face in the field of AI. Our experienced lawyers specialise in drafting bespoke legal documents that not only meet the legal requirements, but also take into account the specific requirements associated with AI to minimise the risk to your business.

Educating your team on the legal and ethical aspects of AI is crucial. We organise tailor-made workshops and training sessions to address the specific needs of your team and ensure effective awareness-raising.

When integrating AI systems, we support you in all aspects of data protection law. This includes auditing and monitoring contractual partners (e.g. data processors), drafting contracts (data processing agreements, joint controllership agreements, etc.) and carrying out risk analyses in accordance with the GDPR (e.g. data protection impact assessments – DPIA) and the AI Act.

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4 good reasons why is the best choice for your AI compliance

Specialised lawyers

Our law firm specialises in data protection law and related areas of law such as the emerging field of AI law. We not only know what you need to do according to the GDPR and the AI Act, but also how best to do it.

Personalised advice

We take the time to understand your business and your requirements in order to find customised solutions for your AI compliance.

Practical realisation

We know how additional measures, particularly technical and organisational measures, can be implemented in order to meet the requirements of the AI Act.

Compliance enabler

Compliance is part of our corporate DNA; our lawyers practise and live it every day. This is why we are particularly well placed to enable you to provide legally compliant business models and services.

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Consultancy in the context of AI compliance begins with a free consultation for you wherein we clarify your requirements and needs.

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