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What role does data protection play in the use of AI?

Data protection law already regulates the use of personal data in AI systems and will do so even more strictly in the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the most important technologies worldwide. However, AI systems often also process personal data. This can be contained in the data used for training, for example. AI can also be used to evaluate data from data subjects, for example for personnel and performance evaluation in the field of human resources.

As soon as personal data is processed, the provisions of data protection law apply, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As AI is a comparatively new technology, there is still a great deal of uncertainty as to how data protection regulations should be applied in the AI context. The upcoming European AI Act is intended to define basic policies and will subsequently be supplemented by further regulations and guidelines from data protection supervisory authorities.

How do companies benefit from data protection advice regarding AI?

Lawyers with the relevant professional experience will help you to navigate through the still uncertain data protection conditions.

As is always the case with rapid and at the same time far-reaching technological and social developments, companies must act prudently and with foresight in the (still) uncertain legal framework.

For the use of artificial intelligence, this means, for example, that the general requirements for the protection of personal data under the GDPR must be observed. In particular, the protection of data subjects’ rights must be mastered when using AI systems.

Lawyers experienced in data protection law paired with an understanding of IT will help your company to apply data protection principles to new processing activities and create a legally secure framework for working with AI systems.

What data protection tasks can we take on for you when using AI?

At activeMind, we advise you to ensure that your AI innovations and tools comply with legal requirements and industry-specific standards, particularly with regard to the AI Act and other relevant legal acts. Our expertise spans across data compliance to help you successfully implement and comply with these regulations.

We support you in carrying out data protection impact assessments in order to analyse risks for data subjects when personal data is used by AI and to develop measures to minimise risks in processing by AI systems.

We help you to keep a detailed record of processing activities that specifically records and documents the data processing by AI technologies.

Our consulting services extends to advice on the implementation of specific technical and organisational measures that are tailored to the particular risks of AI-based data processing.

When using AI technologies, it is crucial to conclude legally secure contracts with the providers, such as data processing agreements, to ensure compliance with data protection regulations in accordance with the GDPR. We support you in reviewing and, if necessary, adapting these contracts so that all data protection requirements are met.

We offer training courses and workshops to increase your employees’ awareness and understanding of data protection principles when dealing with AI technologies in order to preventively minimise risks.

Our law firm acts as an interface between your company, data protection authorities and business partners to ensure that all data protection requirements are communicated transparently and complied with.

To ensure compliance with GDPR requirements when using AI service providers acting as your data processors, we review their data protection practices and verify the implementation of sufficient safeguards for personal data.

We support you in dealing with data subject rights in the context of AI applications, especially in the case of automated decisions and profiling.

In the event of data breaches in the context of AI projects, we advise you on the necessary measures, including the notification of supervisory authorities and data subjects, and support you in implementing preventive strategies to minimise risk.

Our expertise enables your company to use AI technologies in compliance with data protection regulations and to meet other specific compliance requirements in order to minimise risks and drive innovation.

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Four good reasons to choose as your AI partner

Data protection expertise

Our law firm specialises in data protection law and related areas of law. We are therefore able to assess the impact of various legal acts on your planned AI application.

IT skills

Through regular training, we ensure that all employees at our law firm have in-depth and up-to-date IT knowledge. This enables us to have a good technological understanding of your AI systems.

Hands-on mentality

We like to try things out, test and tinker. Until we have found the best way to implement legal requirements in practice. Because this is the only way we can really help you - if we know how something actually works.

Real enablers

We see it as our primary task to make your innovations in the field of AI GDPR-compliant. To this end, we practise a mindset of empowerment and openness - and do not shy away from clear recommendations for action.

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