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All-in-one or point-to-point support for your group or company’s GDPR compliance – from the data protection specialists in Europe.

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For non-EU businesses:
Appoint our law firm as your EU representative required under the GDPR and sell goods and services to people inside the EU.

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For corporations:
Flexible selective support for data protection in your group and affiliated companies.

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For EU businesses:
The all-in-one solution for GDPR compliance in your group or company

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Services of our partners

If you want to do business in certain countries outside the European Union (EU), you need a representative there too.

Our partner companies in the United Kingdom and Switzerland will be happy to help you.


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Frequently asked questions about corporate data protection

The experts of the law firm advise companies and groups worldwide on data protection and in particular on GDPR compliance.

Here you will find our answers to some frequently asked questions about data protection in the European Union and our services.

The applicability of the GDPR to a non-EU organisation is determined by the so-called ‘targeting’ criterion. It examines the processing of personal data of data subjects in the EU, and whether the processing activities are related to the following:

  • offering them goods or services (these may be free of charge), or
  • monitoring their behaviour within the EU.

Find out exactly what this means in our guide on the applicability of the GDPR to companies outside the EU.

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