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Declaration of consent to use photographic images

Using pictures of employees for different company purposes doesn’t seem all that unusual. In principle, this isn’t a problem – after all, it’s perfectly understandable that a company would want to proudly show off its employees. How it’s done is the question.

There are restrictions in addition to basic data protection that must be considered when handling photographs of persons. The template for the declaration of consent to use photographic images of employees can help you comply with data protection rules.

Data protection and employee photographs

Nothing makes a company brochure come to life like photos. Text and graphics alone aren’t enough. Colleagues appreciate when their department has a picture associated with their contact information in the company’s intranet. Potential customers like to know that people are what make the company, and pictures add the human component to its online presence. So it’s no surprise that management would want to motivate their employees to “show the company’s face”.

In the age of digital transfers, in which pictures can be duplicated with minimal effort, changed or transmitted widely and publicly over the internet, special care and diligence are required when handling employee photographs. Legislators have enacted many laws to protect the right to self-determination in connection with photographs.

The most important policy is that any use of employee photos may only be made with the express consent of the persons concerned. Be on the safe side with our free template for the appropriate declaration of consent.


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