Legal Consultation
for Data-Driven Businesses

Individual legal advice as well as representation in and out of court in the areas of data protection law, IT law, competition law and compliance.

Legal consultation
for data-driven businesses

Individual legal advice as well as representation in and out of court in the areas of data protection law, IT law, competition law and compliance.

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Does your company need individual legal consultation? ​

The reasons for legal advice on the topics of data protection, IT security and compliance can be manifold.

Are you confronted with complaints or warnings from data subjects, investigations by a supervisory authority or legal action by competitors?

Or do you need support with special data processing, data transfers to third countries or the introduction of new software and systems? As soon as personal data are involved, the provisions of the GDPR and, if applicable, various national data protection laws apply.

Data subjects and competitors

Supervisory authorities

Own business models

How do you benefit from our legal consultation?

Specialised lawyers find convincing solutions and empower you to comply with European and national legislation.

From a legal perspective, data protection is a cross-sectional matter. Neighbouring areas of law must be considered as well as organisational and technical feasibility. In addition, numerous national laws are relevant as soon as data is processed in several countries in compliance with the law.

To meet these challenges, you should seek advice from the specialised lawyers and attorneys at our law firm. We will show you not only what you need to do, but also how. Benefit from concrete solutions and let our legal consultation empower you for compliance.

How do you choose the best EU representative?

An EU representative qualifies themselves through their expertise, communication skills and multilingualism.

EU representatives may be external service providers, either individuals or organisations, such as law firms, consultancies, private companies etc. They must be based in one of the countries where your customers or data subjects are located.

It is strongly advised to appoint an EU representative that has a thorough understanding of both the legal and technical aspects of data protection, enabling them to communicate effectively with the supervisory authorities.

Furthermore, acting as a contact point between you and data subjects or authorities, an EU representative should be able to speak the relevant local language.

Ein Datenschutz-Jurist von lächelt in die Kamera, während hinter ihm weitere Mitarbeiter der Kanzlei an einem Fall arbeiten

4 good reasons why you should choose as your
EU representative

Specialised lawyers

We are a well-established law firm with offices in Berlin and Munich specialising in EU data protection. Our lawyers and experts have a range of data protection and information security certifications.

Years of experience

We have extensive experience in data protection, and have been dealing with supervisory authorities in the EU, as well as with data subjects, for years.

Truly international

Our international team speaks 10+ European languages and has comprehensive knowledge of the data protection laws of many EU and EEA countries.

Additional support

We help you with all your queries regarding EU data protection law, support you in answering queries from authorities and data subjects, and can provide comprehensive support in setting up a data protection management system (DPMS), if desired.

Free enquiry

A legal consultation also begins with a free clarification of your mandate. Please provide us with some information in advance for this approx. 30-minute phone call via the contact form.

We will get back to you within two working days with a proposed appointment!

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