GDPR fines analysed and explained

Our data protection experts regularly analyse fines and other sanctions imposed by European data protection authorities for violations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The aim of our analysis is to equip you with the knowledge to avoid GDPR fines, having learned from the mistakes of other companies.

EDPB Guidelines on the calculation of GDPR fines

GDPR fines are to be imposed in a standardised manner across Europe according to the European Data Protection Board. The new requirements could be quite expensive for some companies.

Record fine imposed on Meta for data transfers to the U.S.

The Irish supervisory authority imposed the highest GDPR fine to date on the Facebook group, and banned further data transfers to the United States. We explain why the decision is important for all U.S. electronic communications service providers and their European customers.

EUR 225 million fine for violating GDPR transparency obligations

The DPC issued a fine of EUR 225 million against WhatsApp for violating its transparency obligations under the GDPR. The decision highlights the importance of ensuring GDPR compliance and provides further important advice for companies.

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