Rights of the data subject

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants data subjects numerous rights. Our data protection lawyers explain how data controllers can best safeguard these rights.

Transparency of the processing

The content and significance of the GDPR’s transparency principle for organisations – explained simply and practically.

Dark patterns on websites

In its Guidelines, the EDPB explains which forms of dark patterns should be avoided under data protection law.

Information obligations according to the GDPR

Data subjects must be informed before personal data is processed. But what is the best way for data controllers to fulfil their information obligations? What must information letters contain? A practical guide.

Lawful processing of telemetry data

When processing telemetry data, software providers must pay particular attention to a suitable legal basis. We explain how to implement the data protection requirements in practice.

Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

How to (re)gain the trust of users with privacy-compliant IT and avoid high fines. The ultimate guide to Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default.

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