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How can your company best achieve GDPR compliance? How do you have to implement the requirements of data protection law in practice? What is the relationship between GDPR and national law? Our free data protection guides give you concrete and practical answers!

PIPL – the Chinese data protection law

The Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) shows many similarities with the GDPR. European companies are also forced to act.

Data protection for Facebook fan pages

Can companies operate fan pages or company profiles on Facebook in compliance with data protection? What do the CJEU and DSK say about compatibility with the GDPR? An overview of data protection and practical tips against warnings and fines.

The new Swiss Federal Data Protection Act

What are the most relevant changes in the Swiss data protection legislation? How does the Swiss DPA compare to the GDPR? What impact will the new data protection law have on companies outside Switzerland? A brief overview!

The new Connecticut Data Protection Act (CTDPA)

Connecticut introduces new privacy law: An act concerning personal data privacy and online monitoring. Which companies are affected and what obligations arise from the new law?

EU Commission proposes new Data Act

The Data Act proposes rules on fair access to, and use of, data. It aims primarily to facilitate data exchange and cooperation between companies. What obligations will companies face under the proposed law in addition to those under data protection law?

Are blockchain and GDPR unintelligible?

The decentralised technology of the blockchain has many advantages in the transparent storage of transactions. But what about compliance with the GDPR, in particular the guarantee of data subject rights?

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