Data protection legislation worldwide

What data protection laws apply in countries outside the EU? What are the requirements for companies operating in these countries? Our experts explain the most important data protection laws from around the world!

India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDP)

The most important provisions of the draft Indian Data Protection Act DPDP, 2022 as well as the implications for companies in India and the EU and cross-border data transfer. Explained in a compact and practical way.

PIPL – the Chinese data protection law

The Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) shows many similarities with the GDPR. European companies are also forced to act.

The new Swiss Federal Data Protection Act

What are the most relevant changes in the Swiss data protection legislation? How does the Swiss DPA compare to the GDPR? What impact will the new data protection law have on companies outside Switzerland? A brief overview!

The new Connecticut Data Protection Act (CTDPA)

Connecticut introduces new privacy law: An act concerning personal data privacy and online monitoring. Which companies are affected and what obligations arise from the new law?

GDPR adequacy decision for the UK

The UK has just become a safe third country in terms of data protection law. What does the EU Commission’s adequacy decision say? And would the decision stand up in court?

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