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How can your company best achieve GDPR compliance? How do you have to implement the requirements of data protection law in practice? What is the relationship between GDPR and national law? Our free data protection guides give you concrete and practical answers!

The European AI Act

The EU’s regulation of artificial intelligence – a brief overview of the AI systems covered and the corresponding obligations of the involved companies.

The German Whistleblower Protection Act

The Whistleblower Protection Act is intended to protect whistleblowers and whistleblowers. Employers must fulfill various requirements and, if necessary, set up internal reporting channels.

One-stop shop procedure according to GDPR

What does the one-stop shop mechanism under data protection law mean and how can companies define their EU head office under the GDPR? The EDPB’s answers summarised.

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

What obligations do companies have to fulfil under the German the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act? How can they best do this? What sanctions can be imposed? What are the differences to the upcoming EU Supply Chain Directive? An overview!

The EU Supply Chain Directive

Which companies are affected by the EU Supply Chain Directive? What are the requirements? When do the new due diligence policies apply? An overview!

Adequacy decisions: review of 11 third countries

The EU Commission has confirmed the adequacy decisions of eleven third countries in its first review of these. Third-country transfers based on the adequacy decisions may thus continue.

Fairness of the processing

Fairness in the processing of personal data should create a balance between the controller and the data subject. In practice, this can be quite challenging!

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