Sensitive data in Slovakian data protection law

Processing of special categories of personal data

Article 16(2)(i) of the Data Protection Act provides for the exceptions for the processing of specific categories of personal data. Accordingly, the controller may process specific categories of personal data, if the processing is necessary for:

  • the purpose of social insurance,
  • social security of police officers and soldiers,
  • the provision of state social benefits, contributions for the social inclusion of a physically disabled natural person,
  • provision of social services,
  • performance of measures of socio-legal protection of children and social curatorship,
  • the purpose of the provision of the support in poverty orthe purpose of the fulfilment of the obligations or exercise of the rights of the controller responsible for the processing in the area of employment law and employment services, if such processing is based on the law or an international treaty applicable in the Slovak Republic

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