Definitions in Slovakia data protection law

Data concerning health

Data concerning health: The definition includes not only data concerning a provision of health care services, but also data concerning the services associated with the provision of health care services (Article 5(d) of the Data Protection Act).


Log: The record of an activity of a user in an automated information system (Article 5(i) of the Data Protection Act).


Encryption: The transformation of personal data using a method, after which another processing of such personal data is possible only if a certain parameter, such as a key or a password, is used (Article 5(j) of the Data Protection Act).

Online identifier

Online identifier: The identifier provided by its device, application, tool and protocol, such as internet protocol addresses, cookie identifiers, online services login information, radio frequency identification tags, that may leave traces which, in particular when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, may be used to create profiles of the natural persons and identify them (Article 5(k) of the Data Protection Act).

Data subject

Data subject: Any natural person, whose personal data is processed (Article 5(n) of the Data Protection Act).


The controller: The definition is based on the definition in the GDPR, but it explicitly states that the controller determines the purposes and means for a processing of personal data on his own behalf (Article 5(o) of the Data Protection Act).

Data protection officer

Data protection officer: The person designated by the controller or the processor to fulfil the tasks of a data protection officer pursuant to the Data Protection Act (Article 5(s) of the Data Protection Act).

Code of conduct

Code of conduct: The set of rules of data subject’s personal data protection that a controller or a processor undertook to uphold (Article 5(y) of the Data Protection Act).

Member State

Member State: A state that is a member state of the European union or a party of European Economic Area Agreement (Article 5(aa) of the Data Protection Act).

Third country

Third country: A state that is not a Member State (Article 5(ab) of the Data Protection Act).

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