How Hungarian data protection law differs from the GDPR

Hungarian legislators have made moderate use of the so-called ‘opening clauses’ of the GDPR. However, the amended Hungarian Data Protection Act 2011 (Info Act) regulates various areas that companies should be aware of whilst managing their data protection. Amongst other areas, the Info Act provides for derogating provisions in the sectoral legislation for labour, health and security. Furthermore, it specifies the legal title of data processing based on legal obligation and in the public interest, amends the principle of fairness via a specific case, regulates the data-processing activities of criminal convictions and offences; as well as the data protection rights of deceased people and amends the obligation of confidentiality of the Data Protection Officer.

In the following, you will find the additions and derogations from the GDPR on the most important topics of personal data protection that companies need to know. If topics are not linked, there are no derogating or specifying provisions in the national data-protection law.

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