Important regulations of the the GDPR

The main aim of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to harmonize data protection laws in all the Member States (MS) and ensure a uniform level of data protection throughout the EU.

However, the GDPR contains about 70 so-called “opening clauses” that allow MS to restrict the article to which the clause belongs. Consequently, the national legislation can provide for deviating, specifying or additional requirements, which are likely to result in discrepancies in laws between the countries.

The scope of such MS discretion, regarding the opening clauses, is usually provided in the clause itself and must always be interpreted in light of the GDPR.

The following topics are the most important ones for corporate data protection. You will find a concise resume of the applicable stipulations of the GDPR.  With our data protection comparison, you can compare each provision with deviating rules in selected MS.

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