Data protection for employees under Greek law

Data protection for employees in Greece

(Corresponding to §26 BDSG)

Art. 27 of Law 4624/2019 allows the processing of personal data of employees when necessary for employment-related purposes, e.g. for recruitment decisions, after hiring, or for the execution or termination of an employment contract.


Consent of employees

Section 27 (2) of Law 4624/2019 stipulates that for the assessment whether the employee consent was freely given, in particular the dependency existing in the employment relationship, as well as the circumstances under which the consent was given, must be taken into account. In contrast to the BDSG, the Greek Data Protection Act does not define the term “freely given”.

Finally, consent must be given in writing or electronically and does not require a signature.


Processing of special categories of employee personal data

Art. 22 (1) of Law 4624/2019 allows the processing of special categories of employee data when it is necessary

(1) to exercise the rights deriving from social security and social protection, and (2) for the purposes of preventive medicine or assessment of the employee’s ability to work.

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