Archiving, scientific and historical research under Slovenian data protection law

Art. 17 ZVOP-1 stipulates that irrespective of the initial purpose of the collection, further processing of personal data is allowed for historical, statistical and scientific research purposes. Unless otherwise provided by statute or the individual has given written consent, the data shall be provided, and the results of the research published, in anonymised form. On completion of the processing, the data shall be destroyed, unless otherwise provided by statute.

Art. 23 ZVOP-1 provides for specific regulations on the processing of data of deceased individuals for research purposes. Unless otherwise provided by statute, data relating to deceased individuals may be provided to data recipients for historical, statistical or scientific research purposes only if the deceased individual or her/his legal heirs of the first or second order did not prohibit it in writing.

The ZVOP-1 does not contain any specific provisions with regard to archiving purposes.

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