Legal basis under Greek data protection law

Consent of minors

Article 21 of the Law 4624/2019 regulates the consent of minors.

The consent of a minor to the processing of his personal data

is lawful provided that the minor has reached the age of 15.

If the minor is under 15 years of age, the processing is permitted only

after the consent of his/her legal guardian has been given.


Processing for other purposes by private bodies

(Corresponding to §24 BDSG)

Pursuant to Art. 25 of Law 4624/2019, private bodies may, under certain circumstances,

process personal data for a purpose other than that for which the data was collected.

This is permissible if the processing is necessary to:

  1. a) prevent threats to state or public security,
  2. b) prosecute criminal offences, or
  3. c) establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

In these cases, however, this is only permissible if data subjects

may not have an overriding interest in not having the data processed.

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