Informing requirements under UK’s data protection law

Exceptions to the information requirements

For the following areas, the information requirements under Art. 13 and Art. 14 GDPR were limited based on the opening clause in Art. 23 (1) GDPR. Hence, there are exceptions to the obligation to inform in these areas:

  1. Crime and taxation in general, and, in particular, in risk assessment systems
  2. Immigration
  3. Information to be disclosed by law or in connection with legal proceedings
  4. Functions to protect the public
  5. Audits by general auditors of the countries of the UK
  6. Functions of the Bank of England
  7. Regulatory functions related to legal services, health and child services
  8. Regulatory functions of certain other persons (public office)
  9. Parliamentary privilege
  10. Judicial appointments, judicial independence and legal proceedings
  11. Honors, dignities and appointments of the Crown
  12. Legal professional privilege
  13. Self-incrimination
  14. Business finance
  15. Management forecasts
  16. Negotiations with the data subjects
  17. Confidential references
  18. Exam scripts and marks

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