Data protection officer under UK’s law

Exemption for courts and other judicial authorities

The Data Protection Act exempts courts and other judicial authorities acting in their judicial capacity from the obligation of designating the DPO (Clause 69(1) DPA).

Tasks of data-protection officers

Clause 71 of the DPA lists DPOs’ tasks:

  • informing and advising the controller, any processor engaged by the controller, and any employee of the controller who carries out processing of personal data, of that person’s obligations under this Part,
  • providing advice on DPIA and monitoring compliance with section 64,
  • cooperating with ICO,
  • acting as the contact point for ICO on issues relating to processing
  • monitoring compliance with controller’s data-protection policies
  • monitoring the controller’s compliance

In relation to the obligation of monitoring the controller’s data-protection policies set out in Clause 71(e) DPA, the DPO’s tasks include:

  • Assigning responsibilities under these policies
  • Rising awareness of these policies
  • Training staff involved in processing operations
  • Conducting audits required under these policies

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