EU representative according to GDPR

Your contact person for data protection in Europe

Your company provides services or products in the European Union? You digitally monitor the behaviour of people in the EU but do not have a corporate office in the EU?

In this case, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that you appoint a representative in the Union as the contact person for all questions on data protection from EU citizens and data protection supervisory authorities.

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Our experts as representative in the Union for your company

Our tasks as EU representatives for your company

contact for data subjects inside the EU

As your representative in the Union we will be the contact person for your customers (“data subjects”) in all European countries for all privacy issues.

legal representation

Your EU representative will be legally appointed to represent you as the “controller” when dealing with data protection supervisory authorities in the EU.

records of processings

We will establish and maintain your records of processing activities together with you. If requested, we will provide these records to authorities.

The benefits of our experts as your EU representative

long experience in privacy


Our consultants and lawyers have many years of experience in data protection.

many spoken languages


At our law firm, we speak ten languages and know the data protection laws of many EU countries in detail.

planning reliability

Planning reliability

You can book a certain number of data protection inquiries made by your clients or supervisory authorities for a fixed monthly rate (flat rate).

Services as your representative in the Union

Appointment of an EU representativeAll EU countriesAll EU countriesAll EU countries
Activity report1x annually2x annually2x annually
Status discussion 1x annually
(via telephone / video conference)
2x annually
(via telephone / video conference)
2x annually
(via telephone / video conference)
Number of contacts by data subjects or authorities included5 / month10 / month20 / month
Answering an unlimited number of data protection-related queries from the Ordering Party Per query:
≤ 15 minutes
Per query:
≤ 30 minutes
Per query:
≤ 60 minutes
Maintaining records of processing activities
Number of processing-activities records to be reviewed, updated or created.2/year5/year10/year

Your EU representative in 4 easy steps

evaluation of documents


First, we will evaluate all personal data processing and the relevant documents in your company.

video conference


In a preliminary discussion (via teleconference), our experts will brief your management and other supervisors about data processing in accordance with the GDPR.

documentation of proccessing activities


Then, based on your information, we will create/optimise all the necessary records of processing activities for your business.

appointment of representative in the union


As soon as these mandatory preparations have been completed, our work as your EU representative begins.

Free inquiry regarding the appointment of an EU representative

If you would like to appoint a data protection expert from as your representative in the European Union, please send us the following information, and we’ll send you with a non-binding offer!

Please note that we only answer fully completed inquiries!

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The most-important questions concerning the EU-based representative according to GDPR

Which companies need a representative in the European Union?

Companies that do not have an office in the EU yet provide their products or services within the European Union must appoint a representative in the Union if they process personal data (GDPR Art. 27(1)).

Are there any exemptions to the obligation of appointing an EU representative?

The GDPR includes exemptions to the obligations of appointing a representative for controllers or processors not based in the EU.

Who can be appointed as a representative in the Union?

Any natural or legal person who resides in one of the Member States can be appointed as a representative in the Union for a non-EU-based company (GDPR art. 4 (17)).

How should the EU representative be appointed?

The appointment of an EU representative for companies without an office in the EU must be made in writing (GDPR Art. 27 (1)).

What are the tasks of an EU representative?

The main job of the representative is to operate as the local liaison with the data subjects and the supervisory authorities. Thus, the representative acts on behalf of the controller or the processor with regard to their obligations under the GDPR.

To what extent can the representative be held liable?

The appointment of the representative in the Union is made without prejudice to legal actions which could be initiated against the controller or processer. They shall therefore be responsible to meet the regulatory obligations when processing personal data of EU residents.