FAQs about Brexit and data protection

After the UK has left the EU and the Brexit transition period is over, numerous aspects of data protection and cross-border data transfer will change. Our experts answer the most important questions from companies in the UK and EU.

Frequently asked questions about data protection after Brexit

What happens with already collected personal data after the transition period ends?

Is the UK law completely different from the GDPR? What is the key difference?

If the UK GDPR rules apply, why are changes requested?

Will the U.K. be granted an adequacy decision before the end of the transition period?

What are Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC)?

Do I need to set up SCCs after the transition periods ends?

The EU will issue a new set of SCCs. How will this affect UK companies?

What are Binding Corporate Rules (BCR)

When are BCRs a better option than SCCs?

How do I get BCRs approved?

Are there any requirements for existing BCRs?

What is an EU representative?

How can I get an EU representative?

How can I receive data protection support?

We are a UK company and will now have to start sponsoring visas for staff and receive information on short-term visitors from the EU – what is the best way forward?

We have a central database based in the UK where we store our candidate’s personal data. Our offices in Germany and France access this data, although the candidates can be based all over Europe. What scenario are we looking at?

We are a UK subsidiary of a German parent company. We process data on clients only in the UK. The German company has access to this data. We are already GDPR compliant.

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