You’ll find your privacy policy below. In order to publish it on your website, we recommend that you copy the following HTML source code. This is, for example, the only way to get the opt-out link for Google Analytics. For additional information, read this article (currently only available in German).


  • Please review the privacy policy generated below, and customise it as needed. If you process additional personal data or ‘technical data’, these must also be included in the privacy policy.
  • Before using a cookie, you must at least indicate that it will be used. If consent is required, you must have it before (!) using a cookie. Several tools are available for this, including a cookie banner.
  • Please note the accompanying terms of use and the exclusion of liability disclaimer.

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Exclusion of liability disclaimer

These data protection notices are a template and do not guarantee completeness and accuracy. Liability for an incomplete or incorrect privacy policy will not be assumed. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

Terms of use

If you use the privacy policy or sections of it on your website, the reference to activeMind AG and the link to our website must remain in the statement. By complying with this rule, you may use the privacy policy for personal or commercial websites, both for your own needs and for customers.

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